Applying for a Foundation Grant

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We welcome applications from non-profit organizations with an interest in improving the quality of life in Lyme, New Hampshire.  Details about application materials, review criteria, how to submit the application, and notification about the grant application can be found below.

Grant application deadlines for 2019 are as follows:

  • Saturday January 19

  • Saturday April 27

  • Saturday August 24

  • Saturday October 26

In most cases, decisions on grant applications will be made by the following month (e.g., if you submit a grant application by January 19, 2019, a decision will be made by the end of February 2019).

Application Materials

Please include the following in your grant application.

  • A brief history of the organization

  • A description of the project for which the applicant is requesting funding and the project's relevance to the Town of Lyme

  • The amount requested

  • An explanation of other sources of funding

  • Evidence of the organization’s non-profit status such as a 501(c)(3) form from the IRS, or other supporting document

  • The applicant’s budget

  • If available, other supporting materials including pictures, newspaper articles etc.

  • Grant requests over $5000 need to show other requests or partnerships with other granting or not for profit organizations.

Review Criteria:

Funding priority goes to requests in which a small amount of grant money will likely produce significant results and which consider the following criteria:

  • Well-planned approach that serves specific Lyme needs and resources

  • Encourages and supports volunteerism

  • Benefits a broad constituency within the Town

  • Seeds innovative new programs, opportunities, and services in the Lyme Community

  • Acknowledges and provides financial and philosophical support for initiatives of public interest

  • Seeks partnerships with other granting and not for profit organizations (for requests over $5000)

  • Committed leadership and individual involvement to implement the proposal.

Submitting the Application:

Applications can either be emailed or mailed to
     The Lyme Foundation
     P.O. Box 292
     Lyme, NH  03768

Notification about grant application:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Grants Committee shortly after the application deadline. They will make their recommendation to the full Board, which meets and votes quarterly.
Applicants may be contacted and invited to meet with the Grants Committee and/or full Board during the evaluation process.
If there is missing or incomplete information, the applicant will be contacted.
The applicant will be notified following the Board’s quarterly meeting, and specific arrangements will be made for the disbursement of funds.
Grant recipients should mention the Lyme Foundation in their publication materials as a source of funding, and allow the Foundation to include the grant recipient by name and grant amount in future Lyme Foundation materials.
Grant recipients should submit a written report at the end of their project (within a year of the grant), or interim reports on the status of their project.