The Lyme Foundation grants help a variety of worthy causes in Lyme and for Lyme residents.

The list of grants below is organized by the fiscal year in which they were awarded:

FY 2019

Lyme Congregational Church, Clock, $1,150
Lyme Congregational Church, VegiCare/SouperCare, $2,375
Youth Sponsorship of the Tree Festival, $550
Skating on the Common, $4,800
Biodiversity Grant, Big Rock Nature Preserve, $2,284    
Lyme Recreation Committee, Batting cage, $1,549
Lyme Congregational Church Swan Grant, Steeple Carillon, $26,500
Converse Free Library Swan Grant, Infrastructure Projects, $45,000
Kilham Bear Center Swan Grant, Cub Rehabilitation and Education Building, $10,000    
Lyme Recreation Committee Swan Grant, Post Pond Improvements, $45,000    
Community Care of Lyme Swan Grant, Service Expansion and Development Support, $28,000

TOTAL AWARDED FY 2019: $167,208

FY 2018

Lyme School, KinderForest Program, $5,000
Lyme School, Governor Box replacement to support emergency shelter use for Town of Lyme, $2,661
The Utility Club of Lyme, “Festival of Trees” General Support, $1,700
New Hampshire Academy of Science, Middle School Project-Based Science Program, $2,100
Weatherize Lyme (CCL),  Home Energy Audits and Weatherization, $5,000
American Legion Post 80, Driveway repairs $1,800    
Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Trail repairs at Big Rock Nature Area and Chaffee Wildlife Sanctuary, $4,000    
Lyme Early Education Foundation, Scholarship School Year 2018 for after-K program, $1,100  
Converse Free Library, Reconfiguration of the Young Readers Section, $5,000
Lyme School,  Counselor position, $30,000    
Lyme Congregational Church-Parish Nursing program, Discretionary Emergency Services Fund, $4000
Upper Valley Land Trust, Lyme Hill Pollinator Garden, $1,900

TOTAL AWARDED FY 2018: $64,261

FY 2017
Welcoming All Nationalities Network (WANN) of UV: Pilot program linking Lyme, Jordanian and Syrian school children - $3,000
Lyme Nursery School: playground equipment - $3,000
Upper Valley Land Trust:  Pinnacle View project - $2,500
Lyme School:  4-Winds science program - $1,400
FAST Squad: Waterbury memorial gift, Special Code Unit - $1,970
Crossroads Academy:  Replacement bridge on Hoopes Trail - $2,500
Town of Lyme/Energy Committee:  Energy Saving Lighting Improvements - $7,000
Town of Lyme/Energy Committee:  Solar Project - $5,000
Lyme School: Scoreboard for the gym- $2,314

TOTAL AWARDED FY 2017: $28,684
FY 2016
Town of Lyme:  Development of new website - $1,500
Lyme Girl Scouts:  Troop activities - $1,000
Lyme Nursery School:  Matching grant for new generator - $2,000
Lyme Historians: Matching grant for improvements to new Historians house - $10,000 per year for two years
Town of Lyme: "Ready, Set, Go!" bags for winter emergency travel supplies - $400
Lyme Congregational Church:  Expansion of the Parish Nurse program - $5,000
The Upper Valley Haven:  19 Days of Lyme/1% for the Haven - $350
Converse Free Library: improve and replace wheelchair lift - $5,000
Those Guys: new tent purchase - $3,000
Committee for Fiber Optics in Lyme (CFOIL): informational campaign - $2,000
Town of Lyme: Crabtree for the Town Office garden - $350
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2016:  $30,600
FY 2015
Town of Lyme:  Two Radar speed monitoring signs - $5,000
Lyme Congregational Church: Horseshed roof - $2,500
Converse Free Library: Renovations - $4,000
Converse Free Library:  Brilliant Babies program - $300
Brownie Troop:  Badges, educational, and service supplies - $200
Town of Lyme:  Art on the Common - $1,500
Opera North:  Education and Outreach - $500
Upper Valley Land Trust: Clay Brook Frontage - $2,500
Town of Lyme:  Adult Swim Dock - $3,000
Welcoming All Nationalities Network (WANN) of Upper Valley:  Lyme Educational program - $750
Upper Valley Trails Alliance:  Construction of Bird Blind - $1,500
Good Neighbor/Red Logan clinics:  Support services - $1,000
Converse Free Library:  Mighty Mike - Stamp out the Stigma program - $1,200
Town of Lyme:  Independence Day celebration - $3,500
Lyme School:  Farm to School program - $3,600
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2015:  $31,050
FY 2014
Lyme Congregational Church:  Conference on Aging In Place - $1,522.60
Converse Free Library: New welcome packet organized by the library, the LCC, and the Town Clerk - $500
Upper Valley Land Trust:  Environmental education workshops at Lyme Hill - $1,250
West Central Services:  Paddle Power - $500
Lyme Congregational Church:  New dishwasher - $5,000
Converse Free Library: renovation of the early literacy area - $3,000
Lyme School/Montshire Museum: Science program- $1,500
Lyme School PTO: Artist in residence - $1,000
Lyme Historians: Digital recorder, scanner, reproduction of images - $1,600
Town of Lyme: Ice rink on the Common- $2,400
Lyme Nursery School: Replacement and improvements of play structure- $2,400
Lyme School: School kitchen renovations- $50,000
Lyme School: Matching grant for improvement/creation of another community asset- $50,000
Upper Valley Haven: Warming shelter - $1,500
Upper Valley Land Trust:  materials for Lyme Hill accessibility project - $1,385
Community Care of Lyme: Start-up grant - $40,000
TOTAL FUNDED FY 2014: $163,557.60
FY 2013
Lyme Congregational Church: safety improvements on spiral staircases during Bicentennial renovation- $5,000
Lyme Congregational Church: Newsletter portal project - $6,000 (funding returned)
Lyme FAST Squad:  New defibrillator - $15,000
Community Fiber Optics: study and report - $5,350
Lyme School: Inquiry-based science learning (over three years) - $1,500
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2013: $32,850
FY 2012
Lyme School: Cold Storage - $3,000
Lyme Heritage Commission:  Inventory of Lyme Historic Buildings - $4,000
Lyme Congregational Church:  Parish Nurse Program - $10,000
FAST Squad:  Safety equipment - $3,560
American Legion Post 80: New roof - $3,000
Pearl Dimick Fund: Support- $3,500
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2012: $27,060
FY 2011
Lyme School:  Farm to School Project - $500
Lyme School:  Principal's Fund for direct financial assistance to children- $5,000
Lyme FAST Squad: Communication Equipment - $3,600
Town of Lyme:  Lyme 250 Birthday Celebration - $10,000
LIFE Fund- $5,000
Lyme Congregational Church: Handicap entrance renovation - $5,000
Lyme Police: Electronic traffic speed sign - $3,150
Boy Scouts: Start up costs- $200
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2011: $32,440
FY 2010
Lyme School: Eric Weihenmayer Presentation - $500
Second Wind Foundation: Suicide Prevention program - $1000
West Central Services: Paddle Power - $1000
Lyme Recreation Committee: Beach work- $934
Lyme Congregational Church: Elevator- $7,500 Pledge
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2010: $10,934
FY 2009
Town of Lyme: Defibrillators for Chase Beach & Library- $1,700
West Central Services: Paddle Power(2009)- $2,000
Lyme Historians: Walking guide for 250th Town anniversary- $1,200
Lyme Congregational Church:  Parish nurse program- $3,000
West Central Services: Paddle Power(2008)- $1,000
Lyme Recreation: Bridge repair on trails - $934
Lyme Town Offices: backup generator- $7,400
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2009: $17,234

FY 2008
West Central Services: Paddle Power- $1,000
Lyme Firefighters FAST squad: Defibrillator- $5,000
Lyme Congregational Church:  Elevator- $7,500
Town of Lyme:  Chase Beach Court resurfacing- $4,000
Berway Farm Project: Conservation- $300,000
Recreation Committee: Baseball field repair- $3,000
Lyme School:  Interactive white board- $3,500
Pearl Dimick Fund: Support for granting- $9,296
Lyme Congregational Church: Parish nurse program - $4,000

TOTAL AWARDED FY 2008: $337,296

FY 2007
West Central Behavioral Health: Paddle Power- $1,000
Habitat for Humanity: Lyme House- $10,000
Lyme Congregational Church: Parish nurse program- $5,000
Lyme Firefighters Association: Emergency shelter; Pandemic preparedness equipment; Communications tower installation- $14,000
Lyme Nursery School: Shade project- $1,300
TOTAL AWARDED FY 2007: $31,300

FY 2006
Lyme Nursery School: Building assistance- $5,000
Upper Valley Substance Abuse: Willow Grove project- $1,500
AVA Gallery: Elevator- $1,100
Lyme Drama Club: Lights and sound system- $5,500
Parish Nurse Program: Start-up assistance- $5,000
Town of Lyme: Loan for new town offices exploration- $3,000 loaned and repaid
Lyme Historians: Nichols remembrance event- $150                                                                          

TOTAL AWARDED FY 2006: $18,250

FY 2005
Friends of Lyme Library: Oral history CD- $2,500
Lyme BEAT: Printing costs- $750
Town of Lyme / garage heating project- $12,000
Lyme Nursery School: Scholarship support- $3,000
First Baptist Church of Lyme:  Repairs- $10,000
Lyme Congregational Church:  Repairs- $6,000
WISE: Youth outreach program- $1,000
Upper Valley Trails Alliance:  Training & trail maintenance- $1,800                                                  

TOTAL AWARDED 2004-05(18 months): $37,050

FY 2003
Lyme Fire Department: Fire hydrant project- $5,000
Lyme School: Town generator project- $5,000
Lyme School: School fund transferred to the school
Upper Valley Substance Abuse Foundation:  Lyme patients- $2,000
Lyme Historians:  Computer equipment- $3,000
WISE:  Teaching of domestic abuse issues in Lyme School- $1,000
Northern Stage:  Theater experiences for Lyme students- $2,500
Lyme Library Grant Repayment- $2,500 returned
Upper Valley Land Trust:  Natural resource inventory- $500
Upper Valley Land Trust Historic Barns Tour- $600

TOTAL AWARDED 2003: $17,100

FY 2002
Lyme Historians:  Academy Building renovations- $6,000
Lyme Firefighters Association:  Breathing apparatus- $8,500
Lyme Police Department:  Computer equipment- $1,006
Upper Valley Land Trust:  first-cutting & trail projects- $2,500
WISE: Youth Outreach Program- $1,000
West Central Services: general support- $3,500
Lyme School:  Daubenspeck bequest / stage curtains- $5,000                                                            

TOTAL AWARDED 2002: $27,506

FY 2001
Lyme FAST Squad: Defibrillation machine- $9,769
Lyme Historians: Academy Building renovations- $12,000
Lyme Conservation Commission: Wildlife program- $425
Town of Lyme: Web Site Development- $1,000
COVER:  Volunteer group helping residents with home repair- $500
WISE: Health relationships & domestic abuse issues- $1,000
Upper Valley Substance Abuse Foundation:  General support- $2,000
New Hampshire Audubon:  Wellborn Project- $800                                                                          

TOTAL AWARDED 2001: $27,494

FY 2000
Lyme Historians:  Academy Building renovations- $10,000
Lyme Historians:  Academy Building renovation elevator(included in $10,000 above)
Lyme Pinnacle Snowmobile Club:  Sled dog competition- $500
Friends of Lyme Library:  Oral-history project loan- $5,000
Vital Communities: Lyme Quest history project- $1,612                                                                    

TOTAL AWARDED 2000: $17,112

FY 1999
Friends of Lyme Library: Oral-history project
Thetford Academy:  Math program
Lyme Historians: Academy Building renovation
Lyme Fire Department:  Fire truck refit
Lyme Gazette:  Loan for Lyme phone book
Upper Valley Land Trust:  First cutting
Lyme FAST Squad: equipment
Upper Valley Substance Abuse Foundation: Refurbish drop-in center
Lyme Baptist Church:  Vestry foundation repair                                                                                  

TOTAL AWARDED 1999: $35,540

FY 1998
Lyme Historians: Academy Building renovation- $10,000
Lyme Athletic Fund: Soccer goals- $1,500
Lyme Conservation Commission: Wetlands research- $600
TOTAL AWARDED 1998: $12,000

FY 1997
Upper Valley Land Trust: Conserve E. Thetford Rd Land
Lyme Baptist Church: Handicap access and fire safety

FY 1996
Upper Valley Land Trust: Grant Brook preserve
Lyme School: Part time technical coordinator
Lyme School: Public vision testing equipment
Lyme Congregational Church: Preservation of church building

FY 1995
Upper Valley Land Trust:  First cutting
Lyme FAST Squad: Communications equipment
Riverfest '95:  Connecticut River festival
Lyme Athletic Fund:  Special donation
Lyme Historians:  Yankee brass band concert

FY 1994
Lyme School:  New building - special drive
Riverfest '95: Connecticut River Festival
Lyme Gazette: Opinion survey
Lyme School:  Lyme Space matching grant
Lyme School:  Facilities Committee Communications

FY 1993
Lyme School:  Writing center
Lyme School: Lyme Space playground match
Town of Lyme Selectmen: Cemetery land purchase
Lyme School:  Facilities Committee Communications

FY 1992
Lyme School:  Porter Cemetary fence project
Friends of Trout Pond:  Purchase land for town
Lyme Community Housing

FY 1991
Lyme Historians:  Calendar of historic Lyme
Lyme Historians: Academy Building bell tower
Lyme School: Telescope for community

FY 1990
Lyme Housing Trust (loan)
Town of Lyme: Chase Beach basketball and tennis courts match
Lyme School Study: Special newsletter
Lyme Congregational Church: Kitchen and restroom
First Baptist Church of Lyme: Kitchen and restroom

FY 1989
Lyme Recycling: Start-up costs
Town of Lyme Chase Beach: Basketball and Tennis courts construction