Swan Grants Awarded

The Lyme Foundation began April by announcing $300,000 in grant awards made possible by a gift from the estate of Freda and Hank Swan, longtime residents of Lyme who sought to support the Lyme community by advancing the work of the Lyme Foundation.

The funded projects and receiving organizations include:

  • The purchase and installation of a digital carillon in the Lyme Congregational steeple. (Lyme Congregational Church)

  • Supporting the Community Care of Lyme’s Director position, enabling CCL to focus on service expansion and development. (CCL)

  • Partnering with the Town of Lyme and private donors to raise money for the construction of a new fire station. (Lyme Fire Department)

  • Helping with construction of a cub rehabilitation and education building at the Kilham Bear Center. (The Kilham Bear Center)

  • Support for critical infrastructure projects at the Converse Free Library. (Converse Free Library)

  • Helping fund the stabilization and renovation of the barn on the Lyme Historians’ property. (The Lyme Historians)

  • Funding major repairs to the Grant Brook bridge on a snowmobile and hiking trail near the Lyme Common. (Upper Valley Land Trust; Lyme Pinnacle Snowmobile Club)

  • Helping fund increased hours for Parish Nurses to serve the Lyme community. (Parish Nurse Program)

  • Funding improvements and additions to the Lyme Recreation facility at Post Pond. (Lyme Recreation Committee.)

Formed by the Lyme Foundation board to evaluate grant requests for the Swan gift, the Swan Committee spent many months soliciting ideas from the community and evaluating the final grant applications before announcing their decisions. With 2019 being our 30th anniversary, the timing of the Swan Grants is particularly appropriate, as we continue to fund projects and programs that help maintain and enhance the quality of life here in Lyme.